Roman ‘Impish’ was born in 1984 and grew up in Moscow. Besides being involved with the free party scene and soundsystem culture his main focus lied with funk, rock, rhythm & blues and metal. After graduating friends introduced him to drum and bass and he instantly fell in love. Where he first spent hours of his time playing guitars and drums, collecting vinyl and producing electronic music became his new occupation.

With a friend he then started ‘Burning Series’ in Moscow, a monthly drum & bass night famous for its homely atmosphere and vinyl only sets. It was during these nights that he tested his first records and still does so untill this day.

In 2013, on the advice of an old friend, he launched his own imprint called ‘Occulti Music’ kicking off with an impressive run of vinyl releases by Cutworks, Electrosoul System and others. He released a mini album with local singer Vasilisa Jarlier called ‘Underwater’ which brought together material written over the course of 2008 to 2013. The mini album is dramatically simple in its concept, but deeply soaked with rainy vibes and loaded with powerful bass lines that have proven themselves worthy over the years on Moscow’s underground dance floors.

Besides releasing music on his own imprint, Impish is currently active with Fokuz Recordings and RAM records’ sublabel progRAM. His style of producing and DJ’ing is all about blending the rough with the smooth which already resulted in DJ support from DJ Marky, DJ Hype, Spectrasoul, Technimatic, Break, BTK, Zero T, Random Movement