Robert Pacholski also known as Skeletone drum and bass producer hailing from Poland. Robert’s adventure with this music began in 2005, when he passionately savored the sound of artists such as Photek, Roni Size, 4Hero, Omni Trio, EZ Rollers, Marcus Intalex, Calibre, Dilinja but this music was interested in much earlier though.

His numbers have very original sounding, which makes them now recognizable in the global dnb scene. He has a wonderful ear for samples and a huge library of many types of music such as soul, funk and jazz, which is often, but not always, used in production. He is proud of his entire collection of Polish Jazz.
Captivated by these sounds Skeletone took for the creation and began also working with Silence groove. Joining forces resulted debut on Soul Deep Recordings and the first EP called „Love You Lose” where were their solo numbers and one collab. The great interest aroused his solo EP „Last Days” released on Think Deep Recordings. There was not a long wait for the first vinyl, which released along with other artists effort Fokuz Recordings. Co-authors of “Flow” release was previously mentioned Silence Groove and coming from Portugal HumaNature.

The popularity of the Skeletone was also influenced by the recognition of the biggest drum’n’bass Internet radio station Bassdrive. He has performed in Poland but also in Great Britain, Serbia and the Czech Republic.