OnehourOneDJ – Meet You There EP Review

We’d like to thank the guys over at OnehourOneDJ for the extensive review on both the ”Meet You There EP” and ”Suggestions EP” by Lenzman, Random Movement, Kasper and Facing Jinx.

”Fokuz Recordings’ latest EP comes with the expected soulful DnB tracks that they have a great reputation for consistently sticking out. Hailing from Rotterdam in Holland, Fokuz have released tracks that make it all too easy to drift off while listening and imagining you are actually inside a smoky Rotterdam coffee shop, thinking about happy times and mysteries of the universe. It’s upbeat and light, and great for helping you distress and ponder the positives in your life. Fokuz in other words are a label that put out not just soulful tracks, but tracks that are good for the soul. There are two releases under the microscope today, a single from the esteemed Peer Pressure label boss Facing Jinx, and a single from Kasper along side the long awaited Lenzman remix of ‘I Stayed Around’ my Random Movement. There is also a combined wax pressing from these two EPs, with the ‘I Stayed Around’ remix on one side and ‘Meet You There’ on the flip. Let’s dive in”

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