Liquid Drum and Bass Sessions #37 :[December 2020]

Liquid Drum and Bass Sessions
Liquid Drum and Bass Sessions
Liquid Drum and Bass Sessions #37 :[December 2020]

This Mix was originally recorded and mixed by Dreazz for and uploaded to The Man From Delmonte his channel, We just decided to re-upload it so we can reach out to all of you who missed out on that session, and make sure all the volumes are represented on our channel , soundcloud, website and all other spots where you guys listen to our music.

0:00Dreazz, Emery, Mackadena – Tempting
2:35Macca & Cnof – Cadence
4:03Mayform & Mukiyare – Illness
6:30HumaNature & Leniz – Voices
7:55Anthony Kasper – Departure ( Technimatic Remix)
9:55Command Strange & Dynamic – Nirvana
11:20Anthony Kasper – Necessity
14:18Malaky, Satl, Silence Groove – Skyfall
16:27BassDubberz – Sex Beat
18:01Robert Miles – Children Remix
20:33BassDubberz – El posse
22:00Molecular – Deep Breath
25:10Calculon & Dave Owen featuring Christina Tamayo – Ben Carlos (Lenzman Remix)
27:07Stimpy – One Stop
30:18HumaNature & Arbiter – Swing Of Memories
32:35Dreazz, Emery, Silence Groove – Better Place
37:18Macca & Cnof – Intelligence
39:33Askel & Becca Jane Grey – Goodbey VIP
41:03Malaky – Mixed Emotion
45:47Command Strange – Forever & Ever
47:40Macca & Loz Contreras – Always Yours Spy Remix
49:44Smote – Seasons
50:56Anthony Kasper, Malaky & Satl – Don’t Wake me up
53:30Alpha Rhythm – Tranquility
58:10Two Things – Just Me
1:00:06Zar & Motiv – Your Power ft. Diligent Fingers & Sahala