Changing Faces – Dusk (Sub-Urban Review)

”Dutch label ‘Celsius Recordings’ are back again this month with not one but two solid offerings. Both skillfully executed as per and packing some serious heat. So much that I’m gonna give you time to cool down and dish them out one at a time (don’t worry, I wont keep you in suspense for too long!

So, starting with the smaller of the two, and in this case size definitely doesn’t matter, ‘Dusk’ is brought forward by Slovakian based up and comer, Changing Faces, a name uttered more frequently (and quite rightly so) since her stand out performance at ‘Let it Roll’ this summer. CF has steadily carved her way through the drum and bass scene, and her sound is becoming more and more recognisable. Bringing a mix of jazzy rollers, ambient melodies and all round good vibes, this one is sure to be making the rounds for a while.”

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