“All About” – Bert H’s Debut Album

Fans of Fokuz and Celsius are well familiar with the name Bert H over the past few years. Appearing out of thin air a few years back, Bert has been consistantly releasing a wide variety of quality drum and bass music spanning the full spectrum of the sound. With such quality output, Fokuz head man Dreazz and Bert came to the conclusion that the only logical next step was an album.

In the digital era, the single and four track EP is king. Quantity reigns over quality, and the next big thing seems to change everytime you refersh your newsfeed. Putting together a quality, full length drum and bass LP is no easy undertaking. FOKUZLP020 “All About” is a demonstration that the full length album can still be done right.

Infectious. Vibrant. Diverse. All of these are perfect descriptors of Bert H‘s debut album “All About.” This freshman album for the Moscow based producer showcases his incredibly vast love of all sounds and styles of drum and bass, and gives a dramatic glimpse into just what he is “All About” as a producer. His collaborations with local producer High N Sick as well as Monrroe and Silence Groove shine with influences from all parties involved. Rounding out the album nicely is a set of powerful remixes from heavyweights such as Bop, Seba, The Vanguard Project, and Command Strange.

Bert H‘s “All About” is available NOW in Vinyl, Digital and CD formats.