Influences 001 – Silence Groove

Hailing from Poland Kuba Cichocki, more commonly known by his stage name Silence Groove, has been building up a steady repetoire of soulful Drum & Bass music on labels such as Fokuz Recordings, Celsius Recordings and others. Before venturing into the realms of breakbeats and modulated basslines he produced and released Trance music receiving support from the likes of Paul van Dyk and Armin van Buuren. In order to have a brighter look on this up-and-coming artist we asked Silence Groove the question to select a top 10 of influences in electronic music.

”I’m really happy to present my top 10 tunes that recently have been very close to me as an influence on my creativity. Various genres and vibes as I think that diversity is the key. Let the journey begin then….”

Alan Fitzpatrick - Organic

”Techno? Hell yes! This track is a perfect example of what kind of vibe in techno I love. There has to be a proper chord hook. Yes, there has to be! This is just a super simple and powerful track. Chord hooks are something I like to include in my tracks as well.”

Amanaska - Ease Back

”This is a very romantic piece of music. Sensual, instrumental. A little dubby in the middle. I love it! What inspired me most? I really like the silenced trumpet solo inside! Simply amazing.”

Anthony Mea - Talk to Me (Ronfoller Remix)

”A pure (IMO) definition of something beautiful. I have no words to describe how delightful this tune is. Ronfoller is definitely an artist I often listen to to get inspiration from. ”

Colombo - Foreplay

”Colombo took my attention just after he released his LP called “Station 21″. The best sounding breaks tunes I’ve hear in a long time. The technical side of the track as well as the composition is surely top notch! Definitely an artist I draw inspiration from. I highly recommend to check this fella out!”

Baby Mammoth - And I'll See You

”Love, love and love this! One of my favourite organic sounding tunes. Such a journey in this one! The bass guitar with the break loop here is just a pure fiyah. “And I’ll See You” is also a great example of how to sample. A+ tune.”

Djrum - Arcana (Do I Need You)

”Sweet ‘late night’ vibes, that’s exactly what I adore about this track. A little garage taste with a great bassline. Progressive at its finest! Djrum is all about such atmospheres.”

Symptoms of A Stranger (Henry Saiz Remix)

”This track always leaves me speechless. One of my most inspiring tunes ever! It has a brilliant drive and an absolutely lovely composition. A lot of sounds that make my mind to go deep. My favourite part is at 3:00.”

Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - Sea Of Sand

”Classic! A very inspiring tune. As they say: ”oldie but goldie”. I think it has a sick progressive structure and driving vibe. One of these ‘late night’ tunes I love to rinse as well. Perfect for a night ride too!”

Luomo - Tessio (Stimming Remix)

”Stimming is my favourite artist when it comes to minimal sounds. He is utter fantastic with his percs and drum elements. A true maniac of recording the environment. He always brings very quality tunes with very deep low-end and beautiful melodies. Just Stimming (stunning)!”

Mr. Oizo - Secam

”Mr. Oizo is simply a genius. Not only because he is an artist of the timless ‘Flat Beat’. Very fat sounding beats with amazing chord hooks is what I love most about him. Absolutely amazing sample-work. Pure french taste brought in powerful dance music.”