Influences 003 – Edlan

Edlan is quickly creating momentum as one of the most promising talents in the international Drum & Bass scene. Even before reaching the age of 20, Amsterdam-born and raised Edlan can look back on an impressive developement as a producer. Excelling at creating totally individual sounds, he released his first house track at just 16 years old.

His shift from house to Drum & Bass gave him the opportunity to truly develop and shine. In 2016, one of his independently released DnB-tracks got support from Nymfo, one of the big shots in the genre, which ultimately led to multiple Edlan-tracks co-produced by Nymfo being released later that year.

”This list contains songs that I’ve listened to in the past and formed my music taste but also some stuff I’ve descovered quite recently. It was hard to decide which song of an artist I like should be in the list but this is what it has become.

Fun fact: I have produced all genres in this list.”

Moby - Rushing

”Rediscovered this specific track quite recently. I remember hearing Moby for the first time in the car driving to Italy when I was a kid while watching the view of the alps outside. I believe this influenced my whole musical taste. I picked this song because it clearly shows that this influenced my taste of music.”

Portishead – Only You

”Another song I’ve heard many times in my childhood and gives back memories once I hear it.”

”Now getting into my favourite hip hop tunes. The Parliament sample in this one stands out so well. True west coast stuff…”

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones

”Another classic. Really liking that piano sample again and proves again for me that sampling has way more soul than trying to remake something like that with VST plugins.”

Faithless – Insomnia

”Now getting into more house stuff. This one probably the track that introduced me to electronic music and still love it today.”

Audioholics – External Key

”Progressive House before it went mainstream. This one has a very simple melody but it works very well. And then the switch to the chords and vocal chops is amazing and Definitely back in 2004. Sadly Armada went very mainstream since the big EDM hype that started in 2011.”

Arty – Kate

”2/3 years ago I was going with the big EDM hype and did produce quite some Bigroom bangers back then. The best track from that period of time that I am not afraid to put in the list is this one by Arty. Anjunabeats does release a lot of proper music still these days and didn’t got into the Bigroom house trend.”

Home – Resonance

”Discovered this artist quite recent on a very weird place on the internet and it doesn’t deserve to be there. Pretty sad to say that this is my first Synthwave track I enjoyed. I wish I found out about this genre way earlier.”

Netsky – I Refuse

”I also featured this track on my interview for When I rediscovered Drum & Bass I first was making more darker stuff because I didn’t like liquid back then because I didn’t found Fokuz Recordings yet. 🙂 But once I heard this one I was convinced that I should make this type of Liquid Drum & Bass and since then discovered the more soulful non dancefloor kind of liquid.”

Nils Frahm – More

”Ending the list with this one by Nils Frahm. I’ve heard this piano being sampled in multiple Drum & Bass tracks already and that’s how I found out about Nils Frahm. His music is really inspiring for me nowadays and motivated me to also follow piano lessons.”