Influences 005 – Anthony Kasper

Anthony Kasper, more commonly known by just his surname, is a Minneapolis based producer and DJ specializing in Drum + Bass music. At only 25 years old, he may be one of the younger faces in the scene, but he’s not short on experience. 2016 marked his first European tour covering stops in 5 different countries including the Czech Republic for the world renowned Let It Roll festival and London for Bailey’s exclusive Soul In Motion night.

Kasper’s production style combines his hiphop and jazz based background with clean, high-energy basslines that stimulate the dance floor and satisfy the casual listener. His music is regularly supported by mainstays in the music community like DJ Marky, Giles Peterson, Bryan G, Etherwood, and Random Movement. You can find him hosting the Fokuz Recordings podcast every month with special guest mixes showcasing the best in soulful drum + bass.

“Below is a list of tracks that heavily influenced my style.”

Helene Smith - You Got To Be A Man

”Breaks, a big horn section, and soulful vocals make this song one of my favorites. If every song I made contained even a fraction of the swagger in this tune, I’d be so much more successful… and probably way cooler too.”

Atmosphere - Say Shh

”I wanted to make a song about where I’m from. You know, big up my hometown, my territory, my state… but Atmosphere already did perfectly. I love my city: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Many of my tracks contain little samples and references from Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Prof, and other Rhymesayers artists.”

Prince - Controversy

”RIP Prince. A local hero, a talented musician, and an incredible performer. I made my track “Purple Rained” the weekend he passed away. Shout out to MJH.”

D’Angelo - Devils Pie

”DJ Premier brings this beat down to just the bass and drums. D’Angelo gets sexy on the mic. This is my go to party jam no doubt! ”

A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We’ve Got)

”I could probably list half a dozen Tribe tunes on this list, but I chose this track since it tops my most played for ATCQ. Also, this is my favorite snare drum… ever…”


Random Movement - Waterlogged

”Have you ever been on a packed dance floor when this tune plays? It sends goosebumps down my spine every single time. Random Movement is a genius, and without a doubt, my biggest Drum & Bass influence.”

Notorious BIG - 10 Commandments

”Firstly, its DJ Primo on the beat again…second, its the game changer himself, the Notorious. Third, its a song with some very valuable business tips. Seriously, even if you ain’t selling crack, you can learn some shit from this.”

Blockhead - The Everything Song

”Blockhead is a sampling genius. I fucking love his work. Its weird. Its groovy. It gets my brain going in all sorts of ways. Mad respect to the man.”

The Whispers - Keep On Loving Me

”BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER. Plus, its groovy as fuck. Simple, happy, feel good music with that funky flow.”

Jamal - Fades Em All

”This is one of my most played songs on my iTunes for many reasons. The laid back beat still goes hard. Pete Rock, Redman, Rockwilder teamed up on the beat for this one. Jamal brings that flow perfect over the top.”