Influences 006 – Dreazz

Dreazz has been an active member in the Dutch drum & bass scene for over two decades. Besides running multiple labels he’s the founder of Triple Vision Record Distribution Rotterdam.

When it comes to DJ’ing his style can be described as widespread and all-embracing. ”I like to work my way around the full spectrum of drum & bass, you can expect to hear a diverse selection ranging from neuro, tech to liquid and everything in-between. I hope you enjoy this selection of tunes that have and still make an impact in my work in music.”


LTJ Bukem - Music

”This is probably the tune that would go down as my best D&B record of all times.”

Black Sheep - Flavor Of The Month

”As a youngsta I used to be deeply into hihop, listening to tcq, Jungle Brothers & Delasoul…, and than came along Dres of the Blacksheep. Oneday when finishing my first mixtape,  I had to come up with an artist name, and that happened to be Dreazz inspired by the best rapper of all times..”

Jaheim - Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix)

”No matter where you are, no matter what year your in,  this is the one you always drop right at that time when you want to bring some vibes to the venue and get the ladies grooving. There are so many memories, I can not even start to describe one of them ..”

Goldie - Angel (Internal Affairs Mix)

”Back in the days, when I used to go to UK once every 4 months to buy records, that very first trip, I went down to a totally packed bassment in  Blackmarket, totally overwhelmed by the Uk Jungle scene, I heard Ray Keith Drop this tune. All hands went up in the air, everybody screaming for a copy.. I didnt even like the record at that time, but for some reason I lifted my hand too, and there I stood in the midst of 20-30 record buying ravers, not having the guts to give this back ,and  saying I didnt want it…I bought it , went home, and didnt listen to it for about ayear..  Never would I have expected that that specific tune would turn out to be one of the finest records in my classic collection.”

The Prodigy - Charly - The Alley Cat Mix

”In my early record buying days, I used to listen to early techno that was turning into hardcore/gabba still trying to find my self a direction to choose in the earlydays of my career… Charly laid the foundation for my love for breakbeats. I never realised this was an entire scene and musical direction, until that very first trip to England, when I realise this type of music was played everywhere.. That was the start.”


Jill Scott – It’s Love

”This tune is an epic story of how many acts of pure luck , chance & Persistance, result into a huuuge record and than laid foundation for what I am doing today..  . Meeting up for the first time with Falcon we made a bootleg of this tune, something that had been on my mind for a long time..  we pressed it on 20 test presses, and I went on a trip to London to promote the record. Ofcourse I got zero answers to my request as this was the nature of the English Rave scene back in the days. Anyone who wasnt from UK, just would not understand what D&B was about and therefor wasnt given any attention. By chance I missed the boat on my way back, and I happened to meet up with a girl who had also missed the boat, a girl I happened to know from clublife in Amsterdam, years before, and she happened to be highly involved in Mass in managing the nights for V recordings.. .. I gave her 5 copies of the tune. She gave 1 to Fabio, who played it in Ibiza , and Pete Tong just jumped on it.. 1 Week later when I was driving home from a second trip around that very same time, I heard my tune being played on BBC1 by pete tong , friday night on the essential show.  Things only got more crazy, because as we where getting ready for a release, I turned out that GQ’s crew where working on a bootleg where he used the exact same sample and was planning to release it right around the same week as ours..Confusion galore, resulting in  a huge hype around the track. The rest is history.. ”

Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707 (1992)

”Edge Of Motion, used to be one of my heroes in the early techno times, It would always be the first record in my bag.. Little did I know that 8 years down the line, meeting up with these 2 guys would result in the 3 of us starting 3 Labels, called BlackJack Recordings, Piruh Recordings & Fokuz Recordings..  Blackjack laid the foundation for everything I needed to  learn, Piruh launched Black Sun empire, and we all know today what has come forward out of that experiment :).. and Fokuz recordings is still here today, doing what we started with Drum Origins – Infinite – Fokuz 001”

Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me

”Eventhough I have never liked how the geto boys used to rhyme, it was this hiphop track that made an impression for life. The sample & The Life, and its another one of those tunes that just had to be sampled one day.. No specific story, just a great track ! :)”

Acen - Trip II the Moon (Part 1)

”Production House was probably my biggest inspiration in this D&B Life.. As a young guy I went to their office trying to get more information about the label, the artists and music.. , and they made me realise that you can do all this from home, from your bedroom, from your own village, you just need to do it and you need to commit to it. My first ever event that I was part of ended up being called Trip To The Moon, and from there many many event followed.”

Pilldriver - Pitch-hiker

”Eventhough I was never an offical gabba :), I’ve always had a weekspot for this genre, .. I know its super contradictive when you compare it to me running Fokuz today :).. but it was tracks like these that played a super important roll in my entire music career. These people inspired me to do what I do today,  its tracks like these that made me go down to a party once every 6 months.”

Glenn Wilson - Globule

”This record taught me the biggest lesson in life that I had to learn inorder to succeed with  running our distribution and running my own labels. Its not something I can really explain in such a short writing, but if it wasnt for this record, than maybe Triple Vision AND Fokuz wouldnt have been here today,”