Influences 007 – Bert H

As we prepare for Bert H’s debut album “All About” coming this autumn, we asked the 27-year-old Moscow based producer to give us some insight into his musical influences. Check out our recent interview with Bert here.

Sub Focus - X Ray

“Let’s start with this one. It was the first drum’n’bass track I ever heard, so it’s got to be first.”

Calibre ft. Crow - Kiya

“Very inspiring track from the godfather known as Calibre. This tune played an important part during some emotional moments in my life: when I was in love, when I lost a friend, even when I was happy… this tune always hits me on a deeper level.”

Brockie & Ed Solo - Aim'd At You

“Love these guys! They made my childhood happy with their wicked tunes!”

Dc Breaks - Mankind

“This has got to be one of my favorite old gems. Timeless music.”

Break & Hydro - Immaculate

“What i could say about Break? One of the most talented producers in the world!”

Mos Def - Hip Hop

“Again, another classic to me. Foundational music.”

Damian Marley - Road To Zion

“Damien’s music and the reggae sound are another side of music I like. Happy to see him follow in his father’s talented footsteps.”

Shy FX & T Power ft. Top Cat - Everyday

“This one is just pure happiness. Certainly a favorite in my opinion.”

ENiGMA Dubz - You Make Me Feel

“These guys, Enigma Dubz, are making some incredible 2step and dubstep music. This particular track drives me crazy!”

Bass'Flo - Forever Amnesia

“And last but certainly not least, this very profound and uplifting track. It seems like there are a lot of drum’n’bass tracks in my influences list, but it is a truth! I was listening to almost exclusively DnB from early on and don’t see any change to that in the near future. I still appreciate other kinds of music, but this particular list of tracks are songs that were foundational to me.”